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Maschine – A look at the new version..

Maschine package.Aren’t you a bit fresh to do a Maschine review?  Well, yes I am.

I recently stepped onto the bandwagon which is Maschine, and despite the fact that its still somewhat soon I think now is a good time to share my experiences.

This might seem a bit hasty but when I consider that I’m already quite capable of helping other people with slightly advanced problems I think it should be fine.

And rest assured; I’m well past my previous criticism even though I do warn you that my review will be a critical one. » Read more..

Maschine; oh, the irony!

Maschine controller.

Right, it sure took a while but it has finally arrived!

The Maschine is a combination of your regular drumpad combined with an advanced sampler and sequencer. Officially its a Groove Production Studio..

In this post you won’t find any comments on the Maschine itself, simply because I haven’t been able to use it yet. Which brings me to the subject at hand…

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Warez; evil or requirement ?

RIght, I’ve been out of it for a bit. This is a result of actually having a live and a PS3..  I finally picked up on ‘Gran Turismo 5′ (a racing game) which managed to eat away some of my private time. But (a little) more about that later at the end, first back ontopic..

A little shorter post today… » Read more..

Using Reason’s RPG-8 within Ableton Live

…and without Max for Live getting involved.

The one thing I really enjoy about both Ableton Live and Reason is the amount of tweaking they’ll allow you to do. In most cases there is no “right” or “wrong” way to solve a problem, instead there are a dozen different ways to get something done and each will have its advantage or disadvantages. But the best part is that both programs will easily allow you to do totally crazy stuff, things totally out of the ordinary.  And here is yet another example of that… » Read more..

Absynth 5 – Beyond sound & interface…

It’s only been a week…

Screenshot of the Absynth 5 package.Last week the Native Instruments company pulled a rather daring stunt indeed; applying a 50% discount on a large product selection for a period of 5 days.

The results were chaotic so to say, and many people were able to profit just like many other people simply couldn’t make their way into the chaos.

After giving it some serious thought I decided to pick up on the Absynth 5 instrument. Not that I was really looking around for expansions, but considering the situation and given the fact that Absynth comes with a certain reputation I felt that I shouldn’t let this opportunity pass. » Read more..

Adding to your gear; expanding or lusting?

Right, I had a few issues with the blog this week (some articles from the past got re-published due to a mistake on my part), but now I can finally present the tips I promised in my previous post. The real previous post that is… » Read more..