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Latest Live 9 update fixed Rewire


In a previous article, dated from the 10th of March no less, I mentioned that Live 9 introduced a nasty bug: due to a bug in its Rewire engine Live 9 made every other DAW(-like) program on your computer spit out an error during startup. That is: if the DAW(-like) program in question could also be used as a Rewire master.

It sure took them quite a long time, almost 2 months no less, but this week (7th of May 2013) update 9.04 got released. I gave it a test run on my PC this evening and I can indeed confirm that the error messages are now gone.

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Two weeks in Live 9; the good, the bad & the workarounds.


Two weeks ago I dove right into the Live 9 adventure, an opportunity which was hard to resist when looking at all the extra bones Ableton has been throwing at its users. For starters the ever so expensive Orchestral Instrument Collection (“OIC”), now included in Suite 9. Or what to think about Max for Live?

And if all of that wasn’t good enough, Ableton also threw in a huge discount on the upgrade price during the first week of release. So all in all making it quite hard for fans to resist the urge to upgrade, and that’s even without mentioning any of the changes and enhancements which were also introduced with Live 9.

So how good or bad is Live 9?  After two weeks I feel confident enough to write up a review; so lets dive right in…

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Musical tribute: Pure analogue electronica…

live logo

This is one of those videos which music really managed to grab me during playback. From the build up to the display of the beautiful equipment right down to the home made robot. It simply fits, it sounds awesome and most of all; it can’t get anymore synthesizer like :-)

The music was composed and performed by ‘SynthJunk’, you can find his YouTube channel right here. And as you may have guessed by now; he used Ableton Live for his sequencer; as such I felt that the Ableton feature image is well in place.

Well, this is one of those video’s where I really have not much else to say about it. I hope you’ll enjoy this as much as I still do.

Go Go Gadget MIDI extraction!


One of the new features in Ableton Live 9 is the so called “Convert to MIDI” option. In previous versions we could slice audio to a MIDI track, which basically meant so much as cutting the audio into little pieces, adding each piece into a pad of a Drum rack and then setting up a MIDI clip to play each pad in the right order.

Live 9 “slightly” enhances this process and adds new options; you can now also tell it to extract Melody, Harmony or Drums from a take and convert that to MIDI.

Obviously that made me curious so I picked 3 totally different music takes and ran them through the conversion process. Now for all of you to see and hear.

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Warning: Live 9 breaks ReWire!


If you upgraded to Live 9 and suddenly got runtime errors whenever you started another DAW (like Max stand alone, or Samplitude) then there’s no need to panic. This isn’t because your software stopped working or got infected or so; it merely tried to load the broken ReWire engine of Live 9.

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Live 9 is out; how good is it?


The blog is slowly picking up some of the pieces again. Last months have been a little rough on me. First I got ill; even up to a point where it affected my hearing (and you can hopefully imagine how awful that is for someone passionate about sound), then I hit a very rough spot with work. But we’re still pretty much alive.

Live 9 has been released and needless to say that we also dove right into that. It certainly introduces many strong points but unfortunately also leaves quite a few issues open for improvement. This becomes immediately apparent when you’re upgrading from Live (or Suite) 8; what is that Live 8 library doing inside Live 9? But turning to the included (PDF) manual won’t help you with those kind of questions, which feels sloppy.

But that’s where comes into play ;-)

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Ableton Live 9: What’s new ?


Leave it up to Ableton to come up with exciting news like introducing Ableton Live 9 while I’m lying sick in bed (see last post). But for me it’s not much of a problem to cover this a little later. First I never jump on the news as soon as its out, and taking a little extra time will also get you all the details.

The announcement of Live 9 went quite chaotic; because Ableton revised their entire website, including their logo, as well as the user forum.

Nothing wrong with that perse; if only the information on the site would have been correct right from the start…  It makes the whole thing feel a bit hastened and somewhat unprofessional. When looking at Live 9 itself it becomes quite clear that Ableton is throwing everything they have at it to make this work, but how exciting is the new version really?

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Hacking the APC40 part 3: Touching the dials

Akai's APC40

Part 1 – This is the first part of the third part ;)   I’m still in the progress of hacking the APC40, but a friend suggested that it would be better for the blog continuity to post my current findings than risk my blog “drying up”. Makes sense I think, so prepare for an incomplete story. Revealing, but incomplete nonetheless.

So we’re back…  I know it took me a while to come up with the next part, but alas; in the end this is still a hobby for me. Some of you even started to wonder if I had turned into a Reason user and stopped caring for Live all of a sudden ;)   That is not the case; I have been playing a lot with Reason in the past few weeks, but more on that in another post.

So far we’ve roughly covered the matrix, the relationship between components / controls, how to investigate methods and how the identification works. Now we’re going to check out the track and device controls.

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