Musical Tribute: Beat Dis


Beat Dis is a performance by Bomb The Bass; a band formed in London around 1990 by Tim Simenon, a producer and musician. The band stood at the beginning of the electronic and dance music era.

Although I wasn’t too deep into dance music when I was a kid this was a genre I could still enjoy, amongst which this number which is also their debut single.

Production costs of this number are said to be 500 pounds, and it was one of the very first which would bring sampling to the masses.

The bass line and percussion was set up by Tim Simenon. As you can hear the rest of this track is a compilation of samples, soundscapes and musical effects. Definitely a classic of its own time.

Latest Live 9 update fixed Rewire


In a previous article, dated from the 10th of March no less, I mentioned that Live 9 introduced a nasty bug: due to a bug in its Rewire engine Live 9 made every other DAW(-like) program on your computer spit out an error during startup. That is: if the DAW(-like) program in question could also be used as a Rewire master.

It sure took them quite a long time, almost 2 months no less, but this week (7th of May 2013) update 9.04 got released. I gave it a test run on my PC this evening and I can indeed confirm that the error messages are now gone.

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Musical tribute: Skyrim theme music

skyrim logo

I haven’t been posting much lately, that’s because I’ve been extremely busy with work. Most of you probably haven’t noticed it, but has moved to a new server, I’m busy for work to move completely away from Linux servers to a FreeBSD server park. was one of the first (test) sites to get moved.

Alas, Skyrim is a roleplaying computer game which is set in the fantasy world of the Elder Scrolls. This is a fantasy series which finds its origin all the way back to 1992, so its needless to say that it has quite an history. It all plays down in Tamriel, a continent on a fantasy planet which is home to a wide variety of people and creatures. From humans in varies races right down to the well known Elves, Orcs and even dwarves (though they have been extinct for hundreds of years, save one).

What really marks Skyrim is its astonishing sound track. During fights, but also while wandering the country side you’re often greeted with beautiful orchestral arrangements, and the sound during a dragon fight truly is epic.

This has inspired many musicians all around the world, and two of them decided to team up and make their own “Skyrim movie”. Lindsey Stirling (link to official website) is an American violinist and dancer whereas Peter Hollens (link to official website) is a (pop) singer, writer and producer.

Not only does the music sound like a very realistic (and worthy) re-make of the original soundtrack, I also think the video clip is very well played out, in a true “Skyrim fashion”. I really enjoyed this one, and I hope you’ll do too.

Musical tribute: Star Trekkin’


The Firm is an act created / performed by John O’Conner who would later be joined by Grahame Lister. They produced several songs in the 80′s, most of them with a rather silly or comical effect to them. However, I think the one song which most people will remember is ‘Star Trekkin’, a parody on the popular science fiction series ‘Star Trek’.

Star Trekkin’ was written by Rory Kehoe, the chorus lyrics were written by John O’Conner himself. During this time the group was also joined by guitarist Tony Thorpe.

What I consider to be a fun story is that after producing this song O’Conner approached several labels with it yet no one deemed it good enough to actually release it. Still fully believing in the song O’Conner decided to release it himself using his own label, and we all know the results…

While it may not have become one of the greatest hits of all time, its sure something many of us will fondly remember.

Two weeks in Live 9; the good, the bad & the workarounds.


Two weeks ago I dove right into the Live 9 adventure, an opportunity which was hard to resist when looking at all the extra bones Ableton has been throwing at its users. For starters the ever so expensive Orchestral Instrument Collection (“OIC”), now included in Suite 9. Or what to think about Max for Live?

And if all of that wasn’t good enough, Ableton also threw in a huge discount on the upgrade price during the first week of release. So all in all making it quite hard for fans to resist the urge to upgrade, and that’s even without mentioning any of the changes and enhancements which were also introduced with Live 9.

So how good or bad is Live 9?  After two weeks I feel confident enough to write up a review; so lets dive right in…

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Musical tribute: Pure analogue electronica…

live logo

This is one of those videos which music really managed to grab me during playback. From the build up to the display of the beautiful equipment right down to the home made robot. It simply fits, it sounds awesome and most of all; it can’t get anymore synthesizer like :-)

The music was composed and performed by ‘SynthJunk’, you can find his YouTube channel right here. And as you may have guessed by now; he used Ableton Live for his sequencer; as such I felt that the Ableton feature image is well in place.

Well, this is one of those video’s where I really have not much else to say about it. I hope you’ll enjoy this as much as I still do.

Musical tribute: Komm, süßer tod (甘き死よ、来たれ).

End of Evangelion

When it comes to synthesizers I’m a big fan of both Ableton Live and Reason, and when it comes to animation I’m a big fan of the Neon Genesis Evangelion (“NGE”) Anime series. In my opinion ‘NGE’ is one of those “cartoons” which can really have an impact.

Another thing with series such as these is that they usually come with a very impressive sound score. NGE is quite famous for it; its heavy use of orchestral arrangements for several of its action or suspense scenes which really manage to set the atmosphere.

Of course, one could argue this was bound to happen given the fact that Megumi Hayashibara is one of the main voice actresses. For those unfamiliar with this name: she is a very well known pop artist in Japan.

Komm süsser Tod is performed by Arianne Schreiber, backed with piano, Hammond organ and several string orchestral ensembles. Lyrics were written by Hideaki Anno and the music is composed by Shiro Sagisu. As you can see above the music was played in the movie The end of Evangelion.

What I like so much about this song is that although it may have a dark topic, the performance is everything but sad and grim, while still maintaining to keep a bit of mystique.

Hope you’ll enjoy…

Musical tribute: Primadeluxe


In the 60′s – 70′s (way before my time mind you) there was a Dutch television program called the “Fred Haché show” which completely redefined television standards. It was a crazy show-like program in which totally absurd things happened. For starters; everything occurred in an house. Not something you’d expect from a television show in that time.

Then there’s the presenter of the show “Fred Haché” (played by Harry Touw), he was very short tempered and would easily start a swearing rant. And swearing on national television was not something very common during those days. Of course it didn’t stop there, quite the contrary.

From silly comical things: a performer is singing her song and Fred makes a comment about the “awefull noise”, closes a window and you no longer hear the singer anymore. Or absurd things; like Fred going to the toilet, which totally disintegrates on him, next you see him leave (swearing and ranting) with the seat around his neck and his pants down his legs.

And there was music, lots of it. Here you see Fred Haché and his assistant ‘Barend Servet’ sing their “hit song” Primadeluxe.

If you want to know a little more about the Fred Haché show then you might want to click “read more..” before starting the movie :-)

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