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Reason 7 announced


Leave it to Propellerhead Software to come up with a big announcement when no one was really expecting it. It is coming; beta tests are going to start soon: Reason 7 has officially been announced.

As always announcements such as these also mean another uprise of people who feel that they’ve somehow been treated unfairly. Because well; if you’re somehow interested in Reason you can purchase the current version (6.5) now, after which you’re entitled to a free upgrade to the upcoming version 7.

Personally I can understand such motivations, but don’t really agree.

For example; Reason upgrades (so between major versions) have always sat around E 150,-. With the previous upgrade (5 to 6) Propellerhead went “rogue” and combined Reason and Record into one heck of a program. Yet that also meant that the upgrade fee’s were slightly higher than before.

So this time existing users of Reason have to pay less for an upgrade. The upgrade fee for Reason 7 has been set to $ 129,- and E 129,-. I think that’s fair. So, what can we expect from Reason 7?

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ReFill your ReFills and learn something new…

Reason logo

Back in the ‘good ole days’ before Record came out, us Reason users didn’t have much to worry…  Our trusty 14:2 reMIX device (mixer device with 14 tracks and 2 channels per track) were all we needed to piece our sound together. And in the sporadic event where 14 tracks wasn’t enough; no problem: reMIX devices can easily be chained thus giving us a nearly unlimited amount of tracks to work with.  Of course, mixing became a little harder since you had to work your way from left to right and top to bottom, but it worked!

Much has changed since then, and even though we can still use our ‘good ole’ reMIX devices with Reason 6, it becomes quite clear that the new main mixer section provides a “little” more options to mix and process your work.

But what to do with all those old ReFills which sometimes even contain demo songs using the old workflow? Have you ever considered to convert a few of those to the new mixer line-up yourself? Why you ask?  Well…

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Pulsar: get it while you can!

Reason logo

And so this evening I finally had a well deserved “synth evening”. Invited some friends over, we did a little experimenting and jamming (note: I’m more of a (sound) designer than an musician. but even so…  I like a good groove ;) ) and I felt like writing up a quick comment.

Reason moving up the ladder

Honestly you guys; if you’re deeply involved with sound; processing (maybe even mastering), recording, mixing (esp. this!), and tweaking as a whole then I think you should be aware of a new player within the field. A player which used to be a “nobody” (within the explicit context of sound recording and processing) but has managed to come back with a bang. Yes; I am talking about Reason 6 which has now incorporated the Record part.

SO…  A quick heads up. Be aware that if you own Reason 6 or up you can download Pulsar for free until the 1st of October. Its hard to miss; the Props have it all across their website and Youtube channel (which gets them to score quite a few credits with me) so I kinda felt like sharing.

Time for some spam and one awesome introduction as to why I think Pulsar should be part of your default Reason rack (and the Props seem to feel the same; considering how you can pick it up for free).

And if you’re now wondering what the heck you saw; yes, this is the Props hard at work being plain out silly. But silly or not; as much as you may have laughed at this like I did (“Its not one LFO, Its not TWO LFOs” (sticks out 3 fingers) -> “It’s a MONO synth!”)…  There is truth in the whole thing.


Pulsar at work

You dear viewer might have watched the movie above and I hope you got a good taste of the kind of movies which Propellerhead software makes. Believe it or not: you can recreate this track above with the default Reason soundbank.

But to conclude: shop dot propellerheads dot se. That is Visit before the first of October (2012) and if you’re a Reason owner you can get Pulsar for free.

And there you have it for today.

Rack Extensions: Has Reason invited a trojan horse?


For many years Reason, “the music program with all the cables”, has always been fully self contained. Where other audio workstations (“DAWs”) supported the so called Virtual Studio Technology (“VST”), Reason has always opposed the idea of using such extensions.

And the reasoning behind it made fully sense. Because allowing 3rd party software to be part of your own brings risks. Its not uncommon that a poorly written VST crashed an entire DAW, sometimes making the unfortunate user lose all their work.

Its one of the many reasons many people consider Reason to be rock solid. But as of version 6.5 even Propellerhead have changed their ways a bit by allowing 3rd parties to extend on the Reason rack with so called Rack Extensions. In the overall all is well, of course you will always have discussions on specifics such as pricing. But a Rack Extension which manages to crash the Reason rack…  THAT is something new.

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Live and Reason differences

Electronic keys

For people following this blog it should come as no surprise when I say that for me Ableton Live and Reason are the main environments which I use the most (where Live is obviously often extended with Max for Live).

I’m pretty passionate about those products and my passion has led to some people following up on some of my ideas (Hi Rob! ;-) ).

When it comes to Live ‘versus’ Reason there’s one question I often see popping up: “How do I do X in Reason as I do in Live?”, or the other way around. Live is all about putting stuff together, configuring it and then using it whereas Reason requires you to get your hands a little ‘dirtier’ so to speak. So today I’d like to go over some common options in Live and Reason to check up on how Live differs from Reason. Or if you’re a Reason user: how Reason differs from Live :lol: » Read more..

Reason 6: Record turned reasonable?

Reason logo

Almost 2 years ago I wrote my first ‘real’ blog post and started off being pretty critical about Reason 5; I couldn’t help notice that the stand alone version of Reason picked up many traits from Record, yet sometimes it simply didn’t add up for me. In a way I felt that Record was influencing Reason in a negative manner.

This is also why I chose not to use Reason 5 even though my license allowed me to (I bought Reason 4 in the ‘free upgrade’ period which started right after version 5 was announced).

Well, Reason version 6 has been released which incorporates the Record program. And believe it or not; in my opinion Reason 6 has brought back all the specific traits which Reason 5 seemed to lack. It’s been 2 weeks since I upgraded from version 4 to version 6 myself, and (almost) 2 years since I wrote that very critical comment on Reason 5. So time for a re-run; what is it that makes Reason 6 shine for Reason 4 users, especially in comparison with Reason 5?

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Reasonable beta coming up


It’s been quite a while since I wrote about this project and the reason should be obvious; a combination of time (lack of) and sitting in a deadlock. I wanted my patch to be universal; it should be able to control both Thor as well as a combinator but couldn’t get a grip onto how…  Fortunately it really helps sometimes to leave a problem alone for a while, and then pick it up a few weeks later. Same here…  But first a quick recap as to what Reasonable actually is.

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Protect your license; backup your dongle.

Reason logo

When Propellerhead software released Record they resorted to a new copy protection scheme for their software: a dongle; also called an ignition key.

Many people have a love / hate relationship with the dongle as copy protection but in my opinion the Propellerheads have done very well to try and make this as pleasant as possible for us customers. Their copy protection scheme is provided by “Wibu systems” which software even allows us to make a backup of our license!

Unfortunately there is also something to dislike: this same software also allows everyone a certain amount of access to our license information when used with the default settings. There is no immediate risk mind you, no cause for panic. Still; I do think you might want to read on and tighten its security anyway. » Read more..