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gestational diabetes blood sugar level chart You will find 5 magical herbs that cure diabetes and have a positive impact on your blood sugar levels. This valuable substance is packed with ...However, if you suffer from diabetes garlic may cause problems with blood clotting and ... Sprinkle this magical herb either in food or prepare a simple turmeric tea with milk, ... Eve Woman however advises that you seek medical treatment

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Priscilla TorresUpdated: Feb. 19, 2020
Medically reviewed by Michael Spertus, MD

Can herbs or supplements help you control your diabetes? These 10 have shown promise in lowering blood sugar, boosting insulin sensitivity, reducing high blood pressure and cholesterol, and more.

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Consider these herbs and supplements

If you''{"":"","":""}''s Hindi name, gurmar, translates as """"_blank""noopener"" as the plant is regarded as one of the most powerful herbs for blood-sugar control. It''s not known to cause serious side effects. A 2017 study published in the journal Appetite found that among 51 healthy participants, those who drank tea containing Gymnema sylvestre reduced their liking for sweet foods, an effect that could have implications for obese and overweight people. Try these healthy habits to prevent diabetes.

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Bitter melon

  • Main use: Lowering blood sugar
  • Typical dosage: 50 to 100 milliliters (approximately 3 to 6 tablespoons) of the juice daily

The aptly named bitter melon is thought to help cells use glucose more effectively and block sugar absorption in the intestine. A study in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology compared bitter melon to a diabetes drug and found that it did reduce fructosamine in people with type 2 diabetes. However, a low-dose of the already approved medication did so more effectively. In a 2017 study on mice published in Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, researchers suggest that bitter melon may reduce high blood glucose in type 1 diabetes. Gastrointestinal problems are possible side effects.

You can reverse type 2 diabetes with these science-backed strategies.

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  • Main use: Lowering blood sugar
  • Typical dosage: 250 to 350 milligrams once a day

Magnesium deficiency is not uncommon in people with type 2 diabetes, and it can worsen high blood sugar and insulin resistance. Research into whether using magnesium supplements improves insulin function and lowers blood sugar levels is inconclusive. If you do have diabetes, have your doctor check you for deficiency before supplementing with magnesium. “If you have kidney damage, which is fairly common in diabetes, your magnesium levels may already be too high,” Shane-McWhorter says. “Excess magnesium may cause low blood pressure and an irregular heartbeat.” These are signs that you''{"":"","":""}''{"":[[300,250],[300,600]]}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":[[300,250],[3,3]],"":[[320,50],[300,250],[3,3]],"":[[728,90],[640,360],[3,3],[300,250]],"":[[970,250],[970,90],[728,90],[3,3],[300,250]]}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":""}''{"":"","":""}''{"":"","":""}''{"":[[300,1050],[300,600],[300,250],[160,600]]}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":[[300,250],[3,3]],"":[[320,50],[300,250],[3,3]],"":[[728,90],[640,360],[3,3],[300,250]],"":[[970,250],[970,90],[728,90],[3,3],[300,250]]}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":""}''{"":[[300,1050],[300,600],[300,250],[160,600]]}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":[[1,1],[320,50]],"":[[1,1]],"":[[1,1]],"":[[1,1]]}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}''{"":"","":"","":""}' href="">Newsletters